Individual Therapy:

People seek therapy for any number of reasons. These can include having feelings of inadequacy, guilt, depression, anger, or shame. Often, we believe that the world or we ourselves cause unbearable problems in our lives, and therefore usually think we should be able to resolve or manage the issues by ourselves. When we find that we are not able to, we often determine that it is solid proof that there is something wrong with us.

Participating in therapy with a competent therapist reminds us that we are hardwired to be successful. With a shift in subconscious programming aided by a licensed professional, we can let go of any and all damaging negative beliefs and find a sense of clarity and peace.
I personally believe that one of the most important basic tenets of therapy is the idea of creating a comfortable environment for you. Allowing the participant to engage in therapeutic self-exploration without fear of judgment or fault finding is key to my practice. I take the time necessary to build an atmosphere of trust and knowledge that I am working to find the solution to the problem presented.

Couples Therapy:

All couples can have problems. This includes the vast umbrella of new couples, long-term partners, couples with or without children, partners with large extended families, and couples who only have each other. And with most couples, the vast majority of issues are worked out one way or another. Some couples take pride in their ability to deal successfully with their problems. But sometimes, a couple’s ability to communicate about their individual issues is damaged or hampered by opposing styles. When this happens, partners can appear to each other as enemies.

With a good couples therapist, partners can learn why what was once appealing in their partner is now annoying, why it seems so difficult to be on the same page, and how unresolved issues from their childhood experiences continue to impact their current relationship. With the new skills learned, they can restore positive feelings and reignite the passion in their partnership.
One thing I like to impress upon couples that come to my office is that they both share responsibility for their difficulties, but are not at fault or to blame. They have always done their best even though, at times, perceptions can be misleading.

Family Therapy:

We are all heavily influenced by our family of origin, for good or ill, whatever its make-up. We often feel strongly that our family’s style was enviable or horrible, to be followed without fail or never followed if it could be helped. Families come in all shapes and sizes and run the gamut of very functional to highly dysfunctional. Most problems are dealt with in each family’s own fashion, but sometimes the problem overwhelms the resources of the family and they need the outside help from someone who can guide them to a beneficial outcome that utilizes each family member’s strengths.
As a family therapist, I have adapted many forms of specialized training to help families identify their unique strengths, what may not be working interpersonally and how to use those strengths to change the interactional cycle.
With over thirty years of working with families, I have a lot of experience creating a pleasant milieu for each family member, along with the ability to engage the most reluctant member.

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